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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is a makeup session?

Makeup sessions start at $110. All makeup sessions include the option of false lashes. GET IN TOUCH for more information.


How do I book?

To schedule an appointment or secure your bridal makeup artist, please GET IN TOUCH. Bridal bookings require a 50% retainer fee and signed contract. 


Is it okay if I have lashes extensions or a lash lift?

Yes, but in some cases it is not recommended. If you’re doing airbrush makeup and have lash extensions, the overspray from the airbrushing can cause the lash extensions to look gray or dull. Lash lifts can work too well and cause the placement of a false lash strip to sit unnaturally. 


Why choose Makeup By Tatum?

Our artists are professional, friendly and committed to delivering you a great experience! You also have access to each artists' online portfolio and are able to do a makeup trial BEFORE securing your bridal makeup artist. 

How do I choose the right makeup artist for my wedding day? 

You should book a makeup artist whose portfolio showcases the style of makeup you desire. All makeup artists have a different style and speciality. If you’re looking for a very natural makeup look you don’t want to hire an artist who only showcases full glam and vise versa. It’s also very important that you TRUST and like the artist you choose. You will work very closely with your makeup artist on your wedding day so you want the vibe to be right. A preview makeup session and/or a quick phone call is a simple solution for deciding if the artist and their style is a good fit. 


Why does bridal makeup cost more?

So much more goes into bridal makeup than the hour you’ll spend with your artist on your wedding day.  Besides cleaning and stocking their makeup kit and traveling to your location, a bridal makeup artist has also put in many years learning the skill, testing product and staying up-to-date on trends. What your artist costs is a direct reflection of their experience and confidence in their artistry. 


What should I do if my bridesmaids don’t want to pay for makeup?

Gifting your bridesmaids or family members the makeup session is a great idea! There’s nothing like feeling beautiful and confident, especially when taking photos that will last a lifetime. We also accommodate “brides only” for makeup services. 


My bridal makeup artist is booked, what’s next?

Now that your artist is secured, start gathering realistic ideas of makeup looks you like. The best photos are of yourself when you’ve loved your makeup. Otherwise, be sure to choose photos of makeup looks on someone with the same coloring and features. Remember, these photos are for inspiration but ultimately the look will be customized to your features. Next, schedule your preview. While we don’t require you to do a preview before your wedding day, it is highly recommended!


Why is a bridal preview important and how does it work?

Working out the details of your bridal makeup beforehand, eliminates the stress of doing so on the wedding day and it gives you a clear idea of how your makeup will look and wear.  A preview takes about an hour and a half and during the session your artist will go through every detail of the look with you. Your artist will take notes and/or photos to document your look in order to accurately replicate it on your wedding day. Some things to consider during your preview are:


  • How do you want your skin to look? Glowing/hydrated/dewey | Natural | Matte

  • Do you want some shimmer on your eyes or all matte finishes?

  • Do you want a natural or bold lip color?

  • False lashes…give them a try! We carry a variety of lashes including ones that suit the most natural bride. They truly make all the difference in photos!

  • If you’re on the fence with a decision, go with the more dramatic choice as it’s easier to imagine the look scaled back. Keeping in mind that you lose 30-50% of the makeup in photos. 


What should I do to prepare my face for my preview and bridal makeup?

Skincare is absolutely essential in getting the best results from your makeup session. A daily skincare regimen is a must. Brow shaping along with a DERMAPLANE FACIAL are highly recommend as it creates an amazingly smooth skin surface for the makeup. And as always, drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and fresh. 


SHOP or GET IN TOUCH for skincare recommendations.

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