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HiringA Bridal MakeupArtist

Planning a wedding can be difficult, especially when it comes to deciding on which companies and vendors to use. There are many vendors to choose from in every category of wedding planning but I want to focus on what I know-bridal makeup! Below are some tips for choosing the best Bridal Makeup Artist for you! 

Makeup Style

You should book a makeup artist whose portfolio showcases the style of makeup that you desire. It is also important that your artist is familiar specifically with bridal makeup-they will know what is best for professional photography. Look for portfolios that include professional photos.


While the bride is the most important person on the wedding day, it is highly recommended that anyone in the bridal party who wants makeup services is also aware of your makeup artist's style before committing. 

Trust & Like Your Artist 

It is important that you not only trust your artist's skill but also that you connect with them personally. You will be working very closely with your makeup artist on your wedding day and you should like them!  A trial makeup session and/or quick phone call is a simple solution for feeling out the vibe and deciding if the artist and their style is a good fit.

Booking An Artist

A professional makeup artist will require a retainer fee/deposit as well as a contract. This is necessary in order to protect both the client and the makeup artist. You'll want to make sure that money paid and owed is documented and that your artist has contractually agreed to provide services on a specific date.

In order to get your top choice artist, it is best to book at least a year ahead of time. 

Pay Up!

Like with most professional services, expect to pay more for your bridal makeup artist. What your artist costs is a direct reflection of their experience and confidence in their artistry. You are not just paying for the hour or so spent with your makeup artist but rather the years of experience learning and practicing their craft. Choosing your makeup artist solely based on price could mean sacrificing professionalism and skill set.